The Northern Boyz (TNB)

The Manager = Jan Bell is married to Andy and they have 2 children, Hayley and Ryan.   She helps organise all the venues, formats and specialises in the production of our gig literature and posters, Jan provides the disco element of the show and organisers all of the playlists and has recently entered into themed disco nights in the Bishop Auckland area and has completed Northern Soul, 70's & 80's fancy dress nights. She prides herself on being our biggest fan but also our biggest critic. If things don't go according to plan she has a subtle way of letting us know. She takes the hassle out of the group and lets the Boyz get on with what they do best, performing.   She, along with the other wives have supported and backed the Boyz from the get go. 


Mad Dog = Andy Bell is married to Jan. He is one of the founding members of "the Boyz" going back to the Charity Night Phase where names such as GI Joe's, The 8 T's, The 6 T's and Glam R Us were just a few of the original names used by The Northern Boyz.  Passionate about everything to do with the group and the shows. Spends a lot of time on marketing, selling the group and mail shots to aid publicising the group. Organises the majority of the formats and costume designs for the shows. Has an overwhelming passion (at times bordering on insanity) for all things "Northern Boyz" can "shout and scream with the best of em" but overall a really good lad.

Crazy Guy = Den McGuinness is married to Sammy and has 4 girls, Vicky, Emma, Sophie and Kirsty. The comedy aspect of the group with his unique brand of humour, craziness and loveable character. Along with Andy is also a founder member of the group going back to the Charity Night Phase, a real lover of anything Gene Pitney (but we have managed to slowly wean him off it ). Absolutely loves being a part of "The Boyz" and loves to entertain the audience who he can have eating out of his hand in no time. At times he baffles the other two "Boyz" as they don't even know what's coming next. 

Den can hit notes that Gene Pitney himself would be proud of. Input into the various costume changes has brought some really unique and surprising results!!!!! 

 Ice Man = John Brown is married to Elaine and has 2 boys Nathan and Josh. Responsible for coming up with the group name "The Northern Boyz" prior to turning professional.This guy is so laid back he's horizontal, "at times we need to check his pulse to make sure he's still with us". The group sound technician who organises all of the sound system and who loves everything gadgety. Recently thought up and introduced the new group intro's and voice overs which brought a completely new angle to the show formats.

With his unique way of harmonising he brings a totally different vocal aspect to the group. Input to the formats has brought a few very good suprises. 

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